Rob Greenfield has saved a great deal money on food over the past year by eating solely out of dumpsters. However Greenfield is not dumpster diving to save money rather he wants to create awareness about food waste across the United States.

On most of his trips to the dumpsters, Greenfield is able to find over $100 dollars worth of good food that would have ended up in a landfill. That’s a minuscule amount compared to the $156 billion worth of food wasted by Americans every year.

The San Diego resident increase awareness by traveling across the United States and in true environmentalist fashion by bicycle. Throughout his journey, he was able to consume over 280 pounds of food found in various dumpsters.

Slowly but surely, this project is gaining attention and Greenfield is changing the perception of food and dumpsters.

“Some people will call it nasty, it’s just a matter of perspective,” Greenfield stated.

The bicycle trip comes full circle and ends in San Diego with a dinner part to celebrate his accomplishments. And of course meal provided for the party will consist of food found in dumpsters.

“It’s a classy affair, so come looking good and ready for some delicious dumpster food,” Greenfield posted on his facebook page.

If you are interested in helping his cause, please check out his website. It takes motivated individuals such as this to really make a difference in worldwide issues.