Mac Premo, an Artist from Brooklyn, New York, has gained his notoriety through repurposing unwanted materials. After many years in the business, he inevitably accumulated a lot of stuff. When it came time to relocate to a smaller studio, Premo did what any smart person would do, acquire a dumpster. However, this Artist had a somewhat different plan than the average waste remover and does not intend on disposing of any of his belongings.

After cataloging over 500 objects, ranging from whopper coupons to childhood toys, The Dumpster Project officially commenced. Premo started strategically placing every object in the dumpster with a vision of creating a huge collective piece of artwork. Then when the 30-yard roll off dumpster was perfectly filled, The Dumpster Project began to take on a life of its own.

When the Dumpster is on display, patrons can step into Premo’s life. Armed with a mobile application, those viewing the dumpster can connect with the catalog and instantly know the history of each object. Premo admits that The Dumpster Project is never finished and new items can be ‘dumped’ in the container on daily basis, which has been a reason for the popularity. An added bonus, the dumpster has remained mobile, allowing it to be featured at festivals throughout the United States.

Items in the 22-foot dumpster date back to early in Premo’s childhood, but that does not stop him from from being able to rattle off information about any of the 500 objects in the container. As additions to the art are made, Premo seamlessly adds them to the blog and mobile application. It is almost as if, Premo’s life is simply co-existing with the contents of the container.

The Artist named Mac Premo, believes that people are defined by the things they decide to keep. In many cases, the only record of people are the objects that collect throughout their life and eventually leave behind. The Dumpster Project showcases objects that would normally go unnoticed and brings them into the conversation.

The Dumpster Project has evolved from its humble beginnings into receiving International recognition. However Premo will be the first to admit, it really just started out of the pure necessity to move his stuff. Currently, there are no major plans for the dumpster as it rests in Brooklyn but all that is certain, is that, it is unfinished.

It is amazing that the simple need for a dumpster has transformed into something much bigger. Whether you want to clean out your studio or start your own dumpster project, contact Budget Dumpster and we can help you with your unwanted materials.