Sacramento, California: This past weekend marks the grand opening for “The Art of the Dumpster” in the Power Inn area of California’s Capital City. The exhibition is a symbol of Sacramento’s industrial center changing into a creative area for artists. “The Art of the Dumpster” will showcase 10 roll off dumpsters that were painted by artists from all around the world. The innovative project, fueled by the Power Inn Alliance, has been in the works for a long time because it was not easy to paint these dumpsters.

After receiving the donated dumpsters, it took weeks for the artist to prepare and clean the dumpsters for the one-of-a-kind paint jobs. Some artists even described it as like “Painting an English muffin.” However the determined artists were able to cover the huge canvas. Eventually the project has received the attention it deserves and will be visible to over 45,000 commuters on a daily basis.

Although there were some difficulties along the way, all the dumpsters transformed into diverse works of art. Ranging from completely chrome exterior, all the way to very abstract imagery. Even one dumpster is devoted to the natural history of the Power Inn area with raptors, snakes and a real nest made of sticks containing an egg.

Currently, the exhibit is completely free, every single day of the week from sun up to sun down. Located on Power Inn Road, visitors can freely walk inside and even hang out inside the dumpsters. For more information about the Power Inn Alliance or the “The Art of the Dumpster” exhibit check out their page on Sacramento 365. Don’t miss out on this because these dumpsters will eventually be scattered around Sacramento.

Even though the Power Inn Alliance set out to showcase the diversity of its changing community, it was able to accomplish much more than that. These artist’s were able to help change the perception of dumpsters as a whole. Dumpsters are looked at as a dirty and even disgusting but that is honestly not the case. In reality, dumpsters are a symbol cleanliness and most effective resource for others to take care of their trash.

Budget Dumpster has been fighting this same stereotype of many years. We are always working to change how people see dumpsters. At Budget Dumpster, we realize that customers do not necessarily want a roll off dumpster in their driveway potentially because it is an admission that you have a waste issue. However in most situations, renting a roll off dumpster is a necessity, and symbol to your neighbors that you are about to have the cleanest house on the block!

This dumpster art project is very beneficial on so many levels. These one-of-a-kind container will soon be in full waste removal operation serving the needs of the community. The only potential problem with this plan is that Sacramento area residents refuse to throw their trash in something that is so pretty. If that ends up being the case, Budget Dumpster will happily step in and provide additional (unpainted) roll off dumpsters.