A recent Crain’s Cleveland Business article talks about the emerging trend of “E-recycling,” specifically in regard to companies around the Cleveland area that have been getting involved in the practice. Many of these businesses have been cropping up in recent years to meet the growing need for proper electronics disposal. Waste removal and disposal has long been a tricky process, and with the ever-growing concern throughout the industry to recycle as much as possible, the argument over electronics has intensified. How do we properly recycle these products? Whether they be the materials inside the devices or the device itself while properly wiping all of the previous owner’s data from it.

The electronics recycling companies around the Cleveland area have seen a recent uptick to their business due to the economy making a slow comeback. This comes mostly from businesses that are looking to upgrade their current technology and would prefer not to just throw it all into the dumpster out back. Companies are looking to go green not only with their paper waste but with their electronic debris as well. According to the president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the recycling industry is growing the most in the area of electronics recycling.

With such a boost in this realm of recycling, various members of the industry as well as the EPA have created a certification called the R2 that makes a safer environment in regard to the proper recycling of electronics. While not required, it proves companies that have obtained it know the safest and most responsible ways to recycle these products without detrimental effects. Customers looking to have their belongings recycled in line with industry standards should seek out companies for waste disposal that have received this R2 certification. This ensures that everything is being done with the environment in mind.

Customers as well as corporations are concerned with keeping their information private. However, it is also the case that everyone is going to upgrade at some point and need to dispose of their electronics in the best way possible. With E-Recycling, the solution is here. Companies in the industry have now even invested in mobile shredders to break down things such as hard drives whose parts can still be recycled but with information inside that cannot leave company grounds without first being destroyed to the point of it being unable to be deciphered. Your waste can be disposed of properly and you can rest assured that information saved on it is not read by outside parties.