In honor of Earth Day, many states and cities are holding events in which e-waste is collected. They will hold specific dates where they will collect the e-waste for proper recycling and waste disposal throughout the month.

E-waste includes any electronic device such as cellphones, televisions, computers, VCR’s, DVD players, and more. All of these types of waste shouldn’t just be tossed as regular household trash. Proper waste disposal is necessary. These items must be recycled and cared for in a specific manner.

The environment can suffer from the effects of e-waste when it isn’t disposed of properly. E-waste contains toxic materials that can also be hazardous to humans. It can damage our lungs when certain toxins from electronics are inhaled, such as the toxin cadmium. Cadmium is commonly found in batteries used in many electronics. Lead is also another toxin used in the creation of electronics. Lead can cause great harm when consumed by children, even causing possible death.

Many states are hosting Earth Day events in hopes of collecting large amounts of e-waste from its residents. This has become an annual event for many states concerned with their environment. Oregon has collected more than 26 million pounds of e-waste with their e-waste recycling program. Last year, most of the e-waste collected consisted of old television sets.

This year, many universities and schools are hosting their own e-waste collections in honor of Earth Day, April 22. This has been an ongoing annual event for many states. It is the most efficient way to get their residents to bring in their old electronics for recycling and proper disposal. Some states have even planned a statewide ban against e-waste being disposed of at landfills. The state of Colorado in particular, has a ban which will take effect in July 2013.

Via: Waste & Recycling News and OPB