Many major cities throughout Europe have been utilizing a variety of sharing programs, which allow residents to easily move within the city. Commonly the sharing is with bicycles but recently many cities have adopted the sharing of electric cars. The City of Paris is no exception and is one of the leaders in Europe due to the known as Autolib.

Autolib gives customers access to almost 3,000 electric cars in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. In 2011, the program had bildeover 37,000 customers that made over 2 million trips. The company has received much success and wants to expand its service. Obviously the natural transition is to implement the electric car sharing service to Indianapolis, Indiana

The Mayor of Indianapolis and other high-ranking city official have been meeting with the Bolloré Group, which owns Autolib to hammer out the details. This project will instantly make the City of Indianapolis the largest electric car sharing service in the United States.

“This program provides a great opportunity for downtown workers, residents and visitors to get around town in a car without owning one,” Mayor Greg Ballard said in a prepared statement.  “This service allows a person, government or company to only pay for a car when they need and want it.  They aren’t paying for fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking costs when the vehicle is not in use.”

The only difference between the electric car sharing program in France and the one that is planned to be in Indianapolis is the source of the electricity. France utilizes a nuclear power and Indianapolis will be receiving electricity from coal power plants.

The Bolloré Group plans to invest over $35 million to launch the program by 2014. It is planned to provide over 500 electric vehicles and 1,200 charging stations throughout Indianapolis.

Indianapolis City Officials will be allowing customers to have a variety of options within the program. Users can pay daily, monthly or an annual fee just by swiping a card at the charging stations. Exact rates have not been determined in Indianapolis but for about $5, customers can use the electric car for about 20 minutes. Big plans are in store for the City of Indianapolis.