Newby Island, California: Chuck Wilcox rushed to get his trash out to the garbage truck on time and in all of the commotion accidentally tossed out his pet Turtle known as Brian. Now, Chuck has raised Brian for over 7 years and this was not going to this be the end of their relationship. So he immediately reached out to his waste removal service to try to locate his lost friend.

Through GPS tracking, the waste removal service was able to track down the approximate area where the container was dumped. However waste removal officials feared it was too dangerous to search through the 4 tons of materials that the turtle could be in. To the rescue came two volunteers that braved the trash and was able to find and return Turtle Brian to his owner.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: The first improvement to waste legislation in 25 years will increase recycling across the entire state of Minnesota. The new solid waste law is focused on making it mandatory for businesses to recycle their waste. This will help advance the recycling rate that has been stuck around 46% for many years.

It is planned that the recycling rate will reach around 75 percent almost instantly. With $8 million of additional funding, it should provide the suitability to become more sustainable. This is just the first of many environmental efforts that are shaping Minnesota’s journey towards Zero Waste.

WorldWide: The concept of solar roadways is still relatively new, but it is getting some serious attention and, more importantly, funding. After putting the plan on Indiegogo, it received more than $1.5 million in just a day. It is no longer just an idea, but potentially the future of roadways and will provide extreme cost saving benefits if realized.

It will not just be cost saving but also much more convenient. For example, the solar panels can be heated to melt snow. They will also be individual pieces, which will make repairs much simpler. Check out the advantages for yourself in this exciting video below.

Dublin, Ireland: Ever wonder how many cigarettes could fit into a roll off dumpster? Well you are about to find out and it is 1.1 million cigarettes. In an attempt to smuggle the cigarettes to avoid taxes, they were hidden in the dumpster disguised as foil containers. It is still unclear of who is responsible for the smuggling of the cigarettes but the shipment was sent from the United Arab Emirates.