Boston Music Trail, the traveling Boston concert series organized by the Music Museum of New England, which plans to leave a plaque at each concert site marking the event, kicked off last Monday in Allston, MA in a grand and memorable fashion. Aerosmith, the band that has now spanned 5 decades of rock, was formed in the aforementioned Boston neighborhood in 1970. On Monday, 42 years later, they reunited outside their old apartment building and performed to a crowd of over 30,000. As if the venue and its unique tie to the band wasn’t inspirational enough, those responsible for the Boston Music Trail provided the concert free of charge for those in attendance.

The seemingly impromptu concert only seemed as such because of the uniqueness of the location, and the fact that the band and all of their equipment was set up on flatbed trucks usually used for over the road hauling or for roll off dumpsters. To replace their usual duties, the flat top trailers were used to haul in the band equipment, and the dumpster was used to collect the event trash. Meanwhile, police officers and support staff were busy barricading off the streets and arranging traffic for the band convoy. I’d guess that the only people upset about the concert were those who planned to drive through Allston, including those traveling on the rail line, which shut down for about the 5-hour duration of the show.

If you ask the Boston Music Trail, and anyone in attendance in Allston last Monday, the concert series is an instant classic and future shows will likely be on the radar for more than 30,000. There is no telling whether acts with the credibility of Aerosmith will be present in the future, but apparently the House of Blues behind Fenway Park is the next location, so let your imagination run wild with the potential acts that could apply to an already historic venue.