Bloomfield Farms near Napa California was disgusted with the amount of crops they had to waste each day. They went to social media to help salvage the produce and lessen the food waste.

Food waste is a huge concern, not just in California but everywhere. A third of the food produced by farms never even gets used and ends up wasted. Well, Bloomfield Farms came up with a great solution to the problem at hand.

The general manager of Bloomfield Farms was tired of seeing the amount of quality produce that would come back each evening after the market closed. It would end up being fed to the chickens or in a compost bin. So he implemented an experiment. He began using social media platforms such as Facebook to announce discounts on the produce left unsold. Little by little, he noticed that people were quickly snatching up the produce.

Bloomfield farms had seen a drastic decrease in the amount of food being wasted. They plan to continue their social media efforts in hopes to continuously save their quality produce from being wasted if not sold during the market day.

The amount of produce sold by farms is inconsistent. It is hard to say just how much produce you will sell that day at the market. Studies show, that there is a lot that can hinder the sale of produce such as the weather that day. Trying to come up with a fool proof plan to avoid food waste is nearly impossible. However, many food banks and restaurants are starting to purchase the top quality produce that doesn’t sell. Along with social media efforts, this has the potential to help reduce the amount of food waste going to the landfills.

If you come across wasted or rotten produce at home, it is always best to begin a compost pile. Proper waste disposal is always important and composting is the best method that can be used for wasted organic materials. It will become of great use in gardens. It enriches the soil, helping the soil to breathe and giving your plants more oxygen to grow.

Via: Voice of America