Whether your Father is already eco-friendly or you just want him to be a little greener, Budget Dumpster has provided a variety of gifts that will make your Father and the environment happy! This Dad’s Day, do not be afraid to GO GREEN and you might just save some green!

The most popular and also the most boring gift given to Fathers is the necktie. Put a new school twist of the classic gift by buying a Wooden Tie made completely out of reclaimed wood. Every tie is unique and even available in the bow tie style!

Wooden Tie: $40


Every child has felt the guilt of sleeping in while your Father is outside shoveling snow. Prepare your Dad for this year’ winter by supplying him with a shovel combined with a wheel. The innovative shovel makes snow removal 3 times faster and 4 times less stressful on the lower back. Now you will not have to feel guilty!

Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel: $120


Just giving your Father the remote for the Day may be enough of a present. However anything that is 2-in-1 is not only better but also environmentally friendly. This remote connects to any television and is complete with a bottle opener. Perfect the rare Father that enjoys drinking while watching TV.

Clicker 2-in-1: $20


Golf seems to be the go-to gift for Dad’s on any holiday. If your Father hits the links give him a gift to stay green while on the greens. How about these golf tees made out of recycled materials. 10x more durable than wood tees and much better for Father’s golf game, this gift is even safe for lawn mowers!

Eco Golf Tees: $10


For the tech-savvy Father, who still wants to be sustainable, these portable speakers are made from recycled materials. They also fold up for easy transport and are just plug and play, so even the not so tech dads can still enjoy this gift. Great for any activity and not need any batteries or additional power!

OrigAudio Fold n Play: $15


This last gift will not only benefit you and your family but also everyone in your community. Renting a roll off dumpster for your Dad is exactly what he wants! Give him the motivation to accomplish a waste removal project or complete it for him. Taking care of trash with your father can be a great bonding experience and Budget Dumpster will make it affordable.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental: $200- $500, depending on location