Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen many trends come and go. Here are five green trends that appear to be sticking around for the long haul..


1. Electric Cars

If you think back to 10 years ago, electric cars were seen as futuristic and maybe even silly by some. They certainly did not catch on at first and were a gamble for car companies. It took more years for a new group of electric cars to be announced, produced and sold. Now, electric cars are constantly in the market and the media. They are less “futuristic” looking and they are more common. The future of electric cars over gas-powered cars is a trend coming fast!

2. Solar Power

Solar power used to be expensive, but the price has plummeted over the past 10 years. Now that it is much more affordable, its use has greatly increased. Over the past decade, worldwide solar usage went up by 5x. Its usage is imagined to continue to grow as the price continues to drop. Imagine how many people will switch to solar when it is easily seen as cheaper than all other alternatives. What a great trend!

3. Bikes

We love bikes! Bike usage is an increasing trend, especially in the United States where there was a lot of catching up to do. Large cities that weren’t so bike friendly (like New York) are reinventing streets and sidewalks to accommodate all the new bike traffic. They are getting tips from the most bike friendly countries like Amsterdam and Coppenhagen. We have also seen the introduction of bike share programs and electric bicycles.

4. LED Lighting

LED lighting may not seem like a significant trend, but it is a huge energy saver. Lighting across the country accounts for a huge loss in energy, equal to hundreds of large power plants. Unfortunately, in America today, 70% of lights are still the inefficient ones. We hope to see that percentage plummet in the near future. When you can buy a light bulb for less than 10 dollars and have it last for decades, there’s not reason why you shouldn’t make the switch!

5. Green Media

The last green trend is the rise of environmental media. While the effect of it is really unknown, and the truth of the information is debatable, we certainly see more coverage of environmental issues than we did 10 years ago. There’s also a rise in “solution-oriented” green media, where journalists talk about the potential solutions for our environmental problems, instead of just the depressing problems.

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Story from Treehugger