The Boston Red Sox are under construction. Call it remodeling, trashing the fried chicken and beer, or just rebuilding – however you want it to be classified, it all amounts to something people in Boston haven’t been accustomed to in a long time. In an era of the wealthy franchises dominating the sport both in big-name players, and ultimately wins – a wealthy team in the Red Sox cleaned house this year during a losing season. The current roster is recognizable to a die hard fan, or anyone that knows the names Pedroia, Ortiz or Ellsbury, but they are pieced together with a few packs of Big League Chew, some sunflower seeds and a few unlabeled containers of pine tar.

Boston fans woke up one day and saw half of the star power on the roster disposed of in the trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The trade of Beckett, Crawford and Gonzalez was in addition to a busy offseason in which the team parted ways with both GM Theo Epstein and Manager Terry Francona. That kind of turnover is impossible to overcome without some sort of rebuilding process, and plenty of second guessing by those in Boston based on recent success by former Red Sox.

In the past week of MLB Playoffs, the Red Sox have not only seen former manager and fan favorite Terry Francona sign with the Cleveland Indians, but have seen former players find success with other teams. As if it isn’t tough enough to see fellow AL East teams that trashed them in division this year, Baltimore and New York, battle in the playoffs, the rest of the teams have at least one former Red Sox player providing major contributions. Perhaps the most difficult to see are Coco Crisp’s heroics in leading his Oakland Athletics with game saving catches, and walk off hits to game 5 of the ALDS this week. While Coco and other players make headlines, people in Boston can only wonder how such a promising future could lead to such a dumpster fire of a team.