When a negative event takes place, usually there are some aspects of it that can benefit others. That’s what residents of Augusta, Georgia expected as the Laney Walker Supermarket planned to close. It was definitely tragic that the supermarket was forced to close but their unsold and unwanted food could still be used to help those in need. Unfortunately, no one was able to benefit from this even though there was ample opportunity.

As the supermarket closed hundred of needy individuals gathered outside of the building hoping to get some nourishment for their families. As more people surrounded the location, police became involved to stop the potential riot. Even with people in arms length of the supermarket’s unwanted food, SunTrust Bank who now owns the property decided to throw the food out rather then give it to the nearby people.

This revelation was shocking to the people as they saw thousands of edible food being placed into Georgia dumpsters and hauled away. Some of the angered onlookers even followed the dumpsters to landfills in hopes they could still get some free food. This proved to be unsuccessful but is a testament of how much this food was wanted and needed by the people.

This heartbreaking incident left many Georgia residents hungry in an area in which 41% of its people live in poverty. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated problem and food is wasted everyday. Almost 50% of all edible food is unused in the world every year.

The main contributing reasoning behind this issue is that it is easier just to throw the food away. When food is disposed of it does not affect the price of other food on the market. To put it in similar terms, people are not going to pay for food if they can get it for free.

This is not only a problem that is affecting the food industry. In 2010 the chain clothing store H&M decided to shred and dispose their unsold clothes rather then donation them to those in need. This was so the value of their other merchandise remained unaffected.

Hopefully this incident at the supermarket in Georgia will provide some light on this issue. As landfills are being overfilled and people are going hungry, it is situations such as this that can become mutually beneficial.