With the golf season in full-swing, Budget Dumpster wants to provide our audience with some tips to stay green on the course. On the surface, it would seem golfing is already environmentally friendly, however in most situations the courses can be a huge burden on sustainability. Obviously it is a better use of land then a strip mall, but it is the responsibility of the golfers to keep the greens green! Take a glance at these suggestions before hitting the links!

#1 Picking Where to Play:

Most golf courses claim their dedication to the environment, only a few actually implement these efforts. A major factor in determining if a golf course is green is if they are preserving the area’s natural resources. Please make an attempt to golf only at the places that incorporate nature into the course rather than destroying it to put an extra 9 holes. Justin Timberlake’s course, Mirimichi, added wetlands and native plants to course to enrich the land when he purchased it a few years ago.

#2 Selecting Your Golf Gear:

Let’s be honest, you are not going to play with wood clubs just to be green but there are some things that will promote sustainability. Many golfers have opted for the plastic tee, not only will they improve performance but they will last 10 times longer and are made from recycled materials. There are also opportunities to help the environment just by what you wear. Budget Dumpster is not in the fashion industry but the greener the better!

#3 How to Play:

Obviously the environmentally conscious way to play is by walking the course, but unless you are a purist it is unlikely that walking will happen. However many courses have already adapted electric golf carts, so golfers can still feel green. As long as you are not driving over any flower beds, riding an electric cart is the best solution.

#4 Staying Green:

Some golfers will end up taking around a 100 swings in a round and that could result in 100 divots in the ground. Most players think fixing a divot is purely cosmetic but replacing the grass actually provides great benefits for eco-system. The same goes for raking the sand traps!

#5 19th Hole Help:

Throughout a long round, golfers tend to create a lot of trash along the way. So please make certain all your unwanted materials are appropriately disposed. Remember even if you want to throw your clubs away, they should still be properly recycled.

Golfing and maintaining golf courses are costly endeavors but that is not an excuse to cause harm to our vulnerable environment. Next time you get out on the course, try to incorporate some of these tips to help yourself and the planet we all live on. And if you ever need an excuse to play golf, you just need to say that you are going to help the environment!