Governor Snyder of Michigan wants to double his state’s recycling rate within the next two years. Currently, Michiganders recycle about 15% of their household waste. Snyder thinks that the state of Michigan can do much better.

The state of Michigan only recycles about half of the national average. In order to give his residents a boost, Snyder has come up with a 15 point plan that will begin aiding in the act of recycling throughout the state.

Snyder’s plan includes educating and reaching out to the residents of Michigan. His committee will begin by teaching residents and encouraging them to use the proper waste bins for their waste materials. They will also be reaching out to larger corporations and encouraging them to recycle their waste materials.

The state will be offering tax exempt bonds for new waste facilities as well as ways to track and analyze the progress to collect more data. They are hoping this will open more possibilities and create more ways for recycling to become more relevant.

Making sure that residents are aware of the recycling facilities and that they have some available to them will be the state’s biggest challenge. Only 25 of Michigan’s 83 counties have recycling facilities present for their residents.

The project that Snyder intends to begin and achieve within the next two years will cost roughly around $1.5 million. $500,000 of that will be going towards pollution prevention grants through the Department of Environmental Quality.

Michigan’s bottle deposit law will not be touched. This has been pretty popular among Michigan’s residents since it was passed. The bottle deposit law requires residents to pay $0.10 per drink. This has gained over $370 million in fees just in 2012 alone.

Recycling is a wonderful way to reuse products that would otherwise be wasted and sitting in a landfill. Snyder wants to begin new and readjust their old recycling programs and make Michigan more active when it comes to recycling.