Cleveland, OH- When you think of Cleveland, Ohio what comes to mind? Do you think of LeBron James? How about Lake Erie? What about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Have you ever thought about solar arrays and wind turbines? Well, Green Energy Ohio has put together a three day event showcasing energy efficient homes and businesses in Ohio.

Over the past 11 years Green Energy Ohio has put together a tour of homes and businesses in Ohio who have invested in solar, geothermal, and wind energy efficiency upgrades for their buildings. They also incorporate newly built buildings that are highly energy efficient. The tours will occur October 3rd through the 5th and they are absolutely free of charge.

Being energy efficient has major rewards not just for you but for your country and for your world. When your purchase energy efficient appliances such as ENERGY STAR appliances, you can save up to 30% on your electricity bills. Even the small act of replacing a light bulb saves up to 30-40% in energy. Making improvements to your home in the way of becoming more energy efficient is a great way to save money while saving the environment.

Utilizing energy efficient products and partaking in energy conservation has a positive effect on the environment. When we use energy efficient methods we no longer rely on importing other energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal. When we use less energy we also avoid pollution from greenhouse gases. Energy efficient cars and trucks emit much less pollution and they can help reduce the effects of climate change.

Thanks to the efforts of Green Energy Ohio, residents in Ohio have become more aware of how to live a more energy efficient life. Last year they administered a survey and 80% of participants were more likely to pursue energy efficient methods after attending the 2012 tour. They have educated people across the state in the importance of energy efficient techniques to create a better and cleaner future for generations to come.

The non-profit Green Energy Ohio group is looking for homes and businesses to take part in this year’s tour. If you would like to nominate your house or business, the deadline is September 5th at midnight. Out of the 88 counties in Ohio, 66 of them have participated in previous tours. Last year there were 25 sites within 25 miles of downtown Cleveland and 33 sites within 25 miles of downtown Akron.

If you are looking for a chance to learn about home solar arrays, wind turbines, or even wind farms in Ohio, here is your chance. Budget Dumpster often showcases organizations committed to energy efficiency, stay updated by visiting our blog. For more information regarding conservation, go to the Conservation section of our blog.