Did you know that about 2.5 billion people are connected to the internet? Have you ever thought about the global impact that occurs from everyone being connected 24/7? We tend to take the internet and its extremely helpful sites such as Google and Wikipedia for granted. We do not consciously consider the amount of energy it takes to keep these websites running.

Some major companies such as Apple and Google have considered their impact on the internet while others such as Twitter do not seem to care. Major internet based companies utilize large storage facilities to collect their data. These massive data collecting centers can emit large amounts of pollution into the atmosphere if they are not cared for correctly and built carefully.

Apple has created a gigantic solar farm in Maiden, North Carolina to power one of their data centers. Since they use solar panels, they are not causing large amounts of air pollution. These solar panels harness the power from the Sun and they use that energy to power their Maiden data collecting plant and others. This plant does not run 100% on solar energy, but it comes very close and demonstrates to other corporations that they can just as easily forgo the use of fossil fuels.

Facebook and Google are other companies that have made significant strides to keep up with Apple’s clean energy campaign. In 2013 Facebook and Google used almost 50% clean energy with the other 50% coming from coal, nuclear and natural gas based energy sources. Twitter and Amazon are not as conscious about using clean energy. Over 75% of Amazon and Twitter web services used nuclear, coal and natural gas based energy resources.

The data is also categorized by which platforms of Google and Facebook utilize which types of energy. Digital Reality games on Facebook and Twitter mostly used coal based energy while Instagram (owned by Facebook) uses clean energy. Google web services such as Gmail, Play, Picassa, YouTube, Google+ and Snapchat all utilize clean energy sources.

Who’s the Cleanest Web Company?

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In order for more companies to support the usage of clean energy, we need to come together as a nation and say that we care about the environment. Companies need to make a corporate agreement to engage in energy efficient operations on a daily basis. Data centers need to follow in the shoes of Apple and take every step possible to operate on 100% renewable energy. With the implementation of clean renewable energy data centers, we will leave a smaller footprint on the Earth.

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