Obviously the most sustainable Halloween costume would be going completely nude, but Budget Dumpster is not encouraging that, unless you are a serious environmentalist. However here are some “green” Halloween costumes that may provide some last minute ideas for this year or inspiration for next Halloween.

#5: The HoBo

This is a simple, timeless classic Halloween costume. Visit your local thrift shop or raiding your grandfather’s closet.

#4: Tree or Bush

This costume is very easy because you can find all the necessities in your yard. Becoming a tree or bush will really establish your connection with nature. Even perfect for a pet!


#3: The Roman/ Ghost

The same essentials you need for a toga party, you can pull off for Halloween. All you need is a bed sheet and you can become the life of the party.

#2 Nickelback

This may be the most expensive of the sustainable costumes coming in at 5 cents. Tape a nickel to your back and instantly become apart of the band Nickelback.

#1 Pumpkin

Now this is the most sustainable especially if you plan on throwing out your pumpkins on November 1st. Just take that pumpkin off your porch and stick on your head. A great last second costume!

Budget Dumpster hopes you have a Happy Halloween and contact us for any of your waste removal needs!