A major controversy has taken over the Greater Washington, D.C. area involving waste removal services and of course, politicians. This debacle may have recently gained serious attention, however its source occurred more than a month ago during the Democratic Primary. There have been many confusing moving parts, so let Budget Dumpster sort this story out, which has earned the name TrashGate.

Back in April during Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s in the hunt for reelection, he ordered the rush delivery of 200,000 brand new trashcans, seemingly solving a problem that has plagued the District Voters for quite some time. Upon securing the Mayoral race is when the solution transformed into a bigger problem.

What the Mayor’s Plan failed to account for is the need for removal of the old trash cans. For the last couple weeks the older receptacles began building up throughout the District, even leading to the arrest of an Artist who attempted to repurpose many older cans into flower pots. Then, outraged citizens even began putting “Take Me” on the cans.

This resulted in City Officials implementing a massive pick up of the old trash cans but managed to only collect 1/3rd of the total and even some of the new ones. As pressure to solve the issue increased and more than 9 million dollars has been spent, things started to spiral out of control.

Just a week ago, District area residents were pleased to see that old trash can pick up was improving. However grew concerned when the trashcans were being thrown away full of trash and even with the trash. Then Mayor claimed he was not aware that the old trashcans were being improperly disposed.

Since becoming aware of TrashGate, Mayor Gray has publically admitted that over half of all collected trash cans have been disposed inappropriately in the same landfill as normal debris. Thus missing a tremendous opportunity to properly dispose various plastics and bringing into question, was this purely in an effort to be reelected?

Despite the many downfalls of TrashGate, the District will still be profiting off of the deal. Each resident has been charged around $50 for the replacement cans. At this point, it would be shocking if this story could take any more dramatic turns. But if it does Budget Dumpster will be ready to cover it.