Illegal dumping has been an issue for as long as anyone can remember. However, for many U.S. cities, it is still posing a huge problem. People continue to illegally dump their trash in desolate areas all over the U.S.

In Louisville, KY a pickup truck was confiscated after it was found dumping waste materials in a field near Manslick Rd. Police arrived after receiving complaints from neighbors.

The truck was owned by Elkins & Sons and was stuck in the mud when the police arrived. The contents being offloaded into the field were shingles and other roofing materials. The vehicle was impounded and won’t be released until all of the illegal dumping fines are paid. That can range anywhere from $250 to $5000 in Louisville. There is a zero tolerance law for illegal dumping in the Metro Louisville area.

A mine disaster site in Avondale near Pittsburgh, PA has been having problems for hundreds of years when it comes to illegal dumping. Back in 1869, the site had caught on fire from the overabundance of illegal garbage being dumped at the site. Nowadays, people are still treating the site as popular illegal dumping grounds.

A cleanup of the site was conducted just a few months prior to the most recent illegal dumping that occurred. Now, a spokesperson for UGI Utilities has announced that they plan to put up a metal gate as to deter people from illegally dumping on the site. They will then conduct another cleanup after the gate is installed.

In an effort to stop illegal dumping, many U.S. cities have begun tougher laws against the act. They have begun impounding vehicles caught in the act, imprisoning those caught, and introducing harsher fines. This has seemingly helped many of these cities. Some of the cities that have introduced these tougher laws as of recently, include Denver, Sacramento and even Louisville. These cities are advocates for proper waste disposal.

Via: WLKY and WNEP