Dumpsters throughout history have typically received a bad reputation possibly for the alleged smell. However, the perception of dumpsters has begun to change especially since dumpsters actually improve quality of life. More recently, dumpsters have provided more than waste removal solutions such as becoming swimming pools, gardens and even legitimate housing. Now New York City dumpsters will soon be transformed into temporary public spaces for a variety of activities.

Architect John H. Locke and the Department of Urban Betterment are leading a project to covert dumpsters in what is known as Inflato Dumpsters, which will be

“engaging street-level structures that acts as a mobile learning laboratory,” says Locke.


The Inflato Dumpsters can be the host to wide range of things from workshops to film screenings but the possibilities are truly limitless.

The base of the structure will be a roll off dumpster and the top is what is the interesting part. It will be a 28-foot high dome made of inexpensive and sustainable gold and silver mylar. After inflation, it will supply an inviting 2000 cubic foot interior.


“We envision the site as a hub for all, to create a gathering space where programs can be curated to the needs of the community.” Says Locke


The Inflato Dumpster is a promising idea but will rely heavily on support to result in success. If you are interested in this idea, please check out their kickstarter page. This is a great solution as to the limited NYC real estate and the continued privatization of public spaces. Hopefully, roll off dumpster rentals can become a site of innovation.