CrossFit right now is all the rage and is constantly under scrutiny for its effectiveness as well as safety. For those who do not know, CrossFit is a mix of a variety of exercises and described as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.”

One aspect of Crossfit that has often been overlooked is that this could be the most environmentally friendly form of exercise. Obviously, riding a bicycle or building solar panels are more green forms of working out but in comparison to gyms and work out facilities, CrossFit is definitely the greenest.


CrossFit is often held in industrialized places that would normally be abandoned or even unused. These places follow a minimalistic approach, which really follows an environmental mindset.  It’s not only the building that is green but also the things within the building.

These CrossFit gyms are free of the energy draining devices that are regularly found in the average fitness center. There aren’t any high definition televisions and all the machines run on human power. Other training equipment such as tractor tires is reused for exercise and recycling is a fundamental property of environmental protection.

CrossFit heavily promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyle outside of the gym. Many CrossFitters follow the Paleo Diet where only real, organic food is consumed. The Paleo Diet also excludes processed and sugar filled foods.

Although CrossFit has taken a lot of heat since its inception, it really does follow many of the same principles of a green lifestyle. Hopefully large energy consuming fitness facilities can improve their sustainability by incorporating many practices of CrossFit.