Kansas City, Missouri has just completed a deal, which will equip 80 city buildings with solar panels. This is to match the high demand and rising prices for electricity. Kansas City will be utilizing local solar installers to accomplish the project by the end of 2013

The Kansas City government buildings are the focus of the project but a variety of other buildings including the airport will be receiving the upgrade. Every solar unit that will be installed on the 80 buildings will produce equivalent amount of energy to power over 200 homes. The most common way to use this renewable source is to create solar energy farms but Kansas City has decided to implement a different strategy at individual buildings to create the same result.

“Kansas City will very likely be one of the leading cities in the country in the number of buildings with solar electricity,” said Dennis Murphey, chief environmental officer for the city.

Cities in the Midwest have been apprehensive to adopt the solar energy initiative for a variety of reasons but mostly the lack of sun compared to more progressive states such as California.

Although, the low price per kilowatt-hour has allowed less sunny cities to adopt solar energy. It is on average 7 cents less expensive per kilowatt-hour in Kansas City than in places like San Francisco.

To add to the saving for Kansas City, the price of solar panels has reduced by half since 2012. The State of Missouri is also receiving a $2 rebate for every watt of capacity installed plus a variety of other federal incentives.

After the cost of leasing the solar panels, Kansas City will save $40,000 in the first year but the savings are expected to exponentially increase. This will help manage the $20 million electric bill that the City receives every year.  This an excellent time to be taking advantage of renewable energy sources.

Kansas City is leading the solar energy movement in the Midwest and will be the prime example other cities. Hopefully the sun continues to shine on “The BBQ Capital of the World.”