Step #1: Start Early and Often.

A majority of people that are currently Eco-friendly had to adopt these practices on their own. Now you have the opportunity to instill these good habits with your children. By exposing your kids to recycling at an early age, it will come almost second nature for them to properly remove your waste. You can also be responsible for future generations of your family to become recyclers. Hopefully down the line, recycling will be common place and your family will be ahead of the curve. Don’t miss on on your chance to start your kids young with recycling.

Step #2: Convenience is Key.

This tip is relevant among all ages. The easier that recycling is, the more likely that they will do it. Add a recycling bin to your child’s room and maybe even one in the bathroom. Make them accessible and visible, preferably with bright colors.

Step #3: Turn Their Game Face On.

Especially good for the younger ones, make recycling into a game. They may be thinking they are playing a game, but they are really learning. Collect a various amount to recyclables and have your child match which container that they should be in. There are also a many websites that provide recycling games for your kids. Some of the games are rather elementary, but there are now much more advanced games for older children. From becoming a City Manager to running a landfill, there is a perfect game for your child.

Step #4: Be Creative.

Recycling bins can be pretty boring and definitely not attractive to children. Get your kids to decorate your recycling containers to their liking. Then they will be much more inclined to throw things into it. Some smaller children prefer to convert a stuffed animal into a recycling mascot. This mascot will promote sustainability and recycling efforts throughout the home. It seems that children are more likely to respond to the instructions of a stuffed animal, rather than from the parents.

Step #5: Take It Out of the Home.

Take your children to your local recycling facility. This will give them a real life lesson on how and why recycling is so important. It will be a great family field trip and will be even insightful for the parents. All the questions that can’t be answered by the parents can be answered by the professionals in recycling.

Step #6: Make the Internet Your Friend!

The world wide web is filled with great videos and information that will make teaching recycling very easy for you. There is a video for every age group and if you do not like one, there is always a different one that will be meet your needs. These will deliver a visual impact and influence your child into recycling.

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