This Christmas and next Christmas, the debate will continue over which is better for the environment, a real tree or a fake one?

Contrary to what you make think real trees are much more environmentally friendly than fake trees. A fake tree would have to be used for over 20 years, before it would even be considered to be greener than an actual tree. Even though real trees may be better, cutting down 33 million trees annually that are doomed to be thrown out cannot be our best option.

A man named Scott Martin, also known as “Scotty Claus”, believes he has the environmentally friendly solution. His business, The Living Christmas Co. allows its customers to rent a real Christmas tree and return it after the holiday season. Martin then replants the trees so they can be rented next Christmas.

Both delivery and pick-up is performed by The Living Christmas Co. They also have a great selection of trees and sizes that range from $75, all the way up to $250. As an added bonus, if you really enjoy your tree, it can be tagged to arrive at your doorstep for next Christmas.

The Living Christmas Co. has been fully operational since 2008, serving over 3,000 customers in Southern California. Martin reports that only around 2% of his tree inventory dies every year, usually due to lack of care on the customer’s part. A company that never loses its inventory and is environmentally friendly is likely to attract serious investors.

Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire bad boy, Mark Cuban, took a 40% stake in the company for $150,000. It has been reported that Cuban has already doubled his investment in just over one year. It is just a matter of time before this green company is delivering trees around the United States.

The core concept of the company is not its only environmentally friendly feature. They go to great lengths to deliver their trees based upon fuel efficiency and will service 30 customers on one trip. The Living Christmas Co. will even accept donations of clothes and toys that will be later given to those in need. Also available on their website is the “Eco-Holiday Store” is a wonderful selection of environmentally friendly products.

The Christmas tree business in California has been seriously affected by the drought. And although the Living Christmas Co. has taken some bumps, it has still been able to thrive despite these conditions. With a lifespan of over 80 years, this company’s trees won’t be going away anytime soon.

During the holiday season, American will waste 25% more, which equates to about 1 million tons of extra garbage every single week. Christmas trees are a significant part of the problem. Do your part for the environment by renting a Christmas tree, or at the very least use a real one!