Louisiana, especially coastal Louisiana, is well known for its seafood. The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana has partnered with a group of local restaurants named Acme Oyster House and Drago’s to make the oyster business more sustainable. The program is called the Oyster Shell Recycling Program and recently added to a community restoration program already in place. This is the first Oyster program in the state and slated to begin in the fall. It will mark a great step forward in the food waste industry as well as help in rebuilding the coastline in one of the states that has been hit the hardest. Oyster shells will be donated and reintroduced into the coastal waters in the form of oyster-shell reefs. In a statement issued by the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, this program will create a “sustainable, native oyster habitat for coastal fisheries and stabilize our shoreline.”

These shells cannot simply be sent straight from the restaurant and back into the ecosystem, however. A curing station must be set up first. The site for this station has already been obtained and a waste disposal company is going to be employed to take care of the transportation of this precious cargo. Once all of this is in place, the shells will go through a six month curing process before being placed in their intended reefs. This is meant to eliminate all toxins and bacteria that may be present.

From the Louisiana Sportsman: With approximately a third of the nation’s oysters coming from Louisiana waters, there certainly is room to expand the shell recycling plan, Collis (CRCL Restoration Program Director) said. The oyster industry is estimated to have an economic impact of more than $300 million on the state.

This is a great program that I am happy to see come to Louisiana. After already being implemented in other states, it is proven to be a benefit for not only the ecosystem but the community and the state itself. This is also a unique form of food recycling that creates sustainability for an industry that is almost centralized in Louisiana. For more information on the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, you can check out their website.

Story Via Louisiana Sportsman
Pic Via Kure-kureci