Tucson, Arizona – China: A Chinese company called America Chung Nam Inc. (ACNI) plans ship 100 containers to Tucson to collect the City’s discarded paper products. After all of Tucson’s cardboard, paper waste and other recycles have been put inside the containers, it will then be exported back to China to be recycled into printing and writing paper. After the initial shipment, the Port of Tucson plans to be shipping up to 400 containers per week to its Chinese partners.

The only potential problem is that there are just not enough containers. The deal will allow over 2,500 tons of paper to be shipped each month but if there are more containers that number could easily double. This seems like a mutually beneficial deal and a great opportunity to make money of something that would normally go to waste. If only there was a company that could provide affordable containers to ship more paper!

Palm Beach, Florida: A City known for its sunshine is slowly gaining the reputation as a waste-to-energy leader! Following a recent vote, companies outside of Palm Beach County will be able to send their garbage to their facility. What’s called as Garbage-for-Cash plan was created to save residents money and help pay for the $600 million trash incinerator. By 2015 the County the plan will be implemented.

Not only will residents be saving around $10 but also Palm Beach will be making $45 million in the first 8 years. A majority of the residents are in favor, however those who live very near the incinerator have opposed the plan. This seems like the reciprocally beneficial solution and could keep Florida from creating another landfill.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: On the other side of the coin, is a City that is not been able to reach a deal for quite some time. When disagreements erupted after new collective labour laws, the garbage collectors of Amsterdam and the surrounding area decided to go on strike. Since the strike started, resident outrage has been rather tame due to the mild weather, not allowing the trash to smell. However fueled by social media, the dispute is getting more attention.

The two sides plan to meet this week but the garbage collectors have already agree to return to work after coming together and has even assured the residents that they will put in the extra hours to remove all of the waste. Unfortunately it looks like the Amsterdam garbage collectors do not know how to play hard ball and it does not look like any changes will be happening anytime soon!

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