Montreal, Canada: Hockey is a rare sport, which encourages its fans to throw things onto the ice at the appropriate time. However as playoff tensions have escalated between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadians, throughout the game, spectators began tossing trash, even milkshakes at many of the Bruin players after exiting the rink.

Unfortunately Zambonis do not have the waste removal ability to clean up trash off the ice. What is more unfortunate, the Montreal Canadians are taking no responsibility for the incident and have put most of the blame on the Bruins. Hopefully this is the last trashy incident of the playoffs.

Singapore, China: For many years, the concept of floating solar power panels seemed like the best solution for crowded cities around the world. In 2011, the Singapore Solar Power Project was approved and it looks like it is about to be implement to serve the needs of over 1000 homes.

The benefits of floating solar power panels go far beyond affordable and clean energy. Both algae and the evaporation of water are dramatically decreased. With the high cost of limited land in Singapore being extremely expensive this seems like the best solution for the City.

St. Louis, Missouri: This is maybe the most bizarre story to be highlighted in Waste Removal Weekly. An industrial sized forklift was carrying dumpster was driving in downtown St. Louis. While making a turn, the forklift violently struck a car, instantly flipping it on to its roof. And that’s not the crazy part.

After hitting the car, the dumpster became unattached and fell directly on to the same car. The terrible situation resulted in some lucky twists of fate. The driver of the struck car was fine and a forklift was already onsite to help clean up the mess!

Santa Fe, New Mexico: The City of Santa Fe held a sponsored event recently to give area residents the opportunity to get rid of their waste without receiving any penalties or fees. Amnesty Day proved very successful and resulted in over 118 tons of trash being properly disposed, double the expected amount.

This type of event seems to be much more beneficial approach. Many people are deterred by expensive fees and may attempt to dispose waste improperly to avoid them. Every city should have an amnesty day at least once a year!