America’s largest brewery is no longer contributing to the rapid filling of landfill. The MillerCoors brewery in Golden, Colorado is setting the industry standard for waste removal.

Improving sustainability efforts began two years ago and have been very successful. At that time MillerCoors was producing over 135 tons of waste every month. Now that number is 0.

Not only is this brewery diverting a great deal of trash from reaching area landfills but also receiving many other benefits from going greener. MillerCoors no longer spends any money on waste removal. They have also have implemented many environmental projects, which have resulted in over $1 million a year in revenue.

By producing over 346 million gallons of beer annually in a 9 million square foot facility there is ample opportunity for waste but that is just not the case for MillerCoors. This company has also invested over a million dollars this year in signage throughout the brewery and on their packaging that promotes sustainability.

Recently, MillerCoors was named the first zero waste brewery in the world. MillerCoors was flattered with the recognition but refuses to use the award in its own advertising because the brewery sends a small amount of food waste from its cafeteria to a waste to energy facility in Oklahoma. This proves that improving their impact on the world outweighs  simply selling beer.

MillerCoors has become the definition of an environmentally friendly company. I am sure this company will continue evolving its efforts to become truly zero waste. If the largest brewery in America can be this successful in terms of reducing waste, there is no excuse for smaller companies to not follow suit.