Moss Point Mississippi has a huge problem when it comes to illegal dumping. There are several unknown dumping sites all over the area. Mississippi is now pursuing a grant to help fight illegal dumping.

The illegal dumping in the city of Moss Point is causing them to spend money on contract services and employee time. It is costly and really hurting the costly and its environment. Trash has been found in various areas and law enforcement doesn’t even think that they have found all of the dumping areas in Moss Point.

The types of waste being found throughout Moss Point consist of furniture, household trash, hazardous waste and household appliances. This is a problem in so many ways and the laws against illegal dumping are going to be enforced even more by the city. The city also seeks the state’s Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Solid Waste Grant. This will allow Moss Point to get 50% of the money they would need to a code enforcement officer. The officer would help stop illegal dumping by enforcing the laws against it.

Other grants are also being sought out as well per the request of grant writer Jacqueline Johnson, who has been working with law enforcement, code enforcement and public works personnel. These grants include funding for other matters in regards to the city.

When a person in Moss Point is busted for illegal dumping within the city, the fees can range from $365 to $500. Hazardous waste is much more, costing as much as $25,000 per violation. Illegal dumping is usually a felony in Moss Point and can result in not only fines but other legal punishment.

The waste in Moss Point has been found under bridges and at the end of dead end roads. This is becoming an environmental issue as it can contaminate the waterways and environment. Proper waste disposal practices are necessary in order to keep the area clean and safe for the residents as well as any wildlife.