We are in the midst of hurricane season, and although Hurricane Isaac has already caused destruction and the need for dumpster rental in New Orleans and other Gulf Coast cities, there are certain to be more storms as well as more destruction. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which destructive forces of nature cause severe damage. Although we hope to avoid any losses, nature is unavoidable and when it hits we hope that our losses are limited to ‘stuff’.

Whether you are currently affected on the Gulf Coast, or will ever be affected by a natural disaster, it is a fact that certain businesses capitalize on the destruction. Whether you view it as an unfortunate fact or not, the difference in this capitalization is whether the consumer is exploited or simply serviced.

In the event of Hurricane Isaac, property has been damaged and clean-up efforts are required due to wind, precipitation and flooding. In your efforts, you will most likely find yourself in need of a dumpster rental whether it is for cleanup or rebuilding construction efforts.  There are companies that specialize in cleanup efforts, typically for foreclosures or renovations, but they will be in high demand and benefit from natural disaster damage. These companies and home or business owners will inevitably need roll off dumpsters for disposal of debris. Some dumpster rental companies will exploit this increase in demand and drastically raise prices, whereas Budget Dumpster maintains flat pricing with our only increases tied to the overtime pay required of drivers hauling during busy periods.

At Budget Dumpster, we not only fill your need for service, but do so at our ALWAYS low rates so that you can get your unexpected project on track and resume your normal way of life. We hope that you only have to call us for home improvements or cleanups, but in the event that you are affected, we will be here to provide the same service that we provide throughout the year – – and at a competitively low price!