A trash can is being placed in New York City’s Central Park. The trash cans are designed are be environmentally friendly and even rat proof. The 700 aluminum trash cans are being used to replace the plastic trash cans that are currently in the park for use.

Central_Park_on_foggy_nightThe main purpose of the trash cans is to help eliminate the rat population in Central Park. Prior to the trash cans being designed, the Central Park Conservancy had removed some of the trash cans in the park from the children’s areas as well as a few others to avoid the overwhelming amount of rats.

About 400 of the new aluminum bins will be used to replace the 300 recycling bins used for bottles, paper products and cans that are already placed in the park. Every year, trash haulers take about 60 tons of recyclables from the park. However, there are over 2,000 tons of waste materials taken yearly. The extra recycling bins being placed in the park will only help to lessen the impact that the trash has on New York’s landfills and aid in proper waste disposal.

The money for the trash cans came from the Alcoa Foundation. They donated $500,000. The conservancy’s had made the decision to use the money donated for the newly designed trash cans. Every year, more people come to visit Central Park. With the visitors becoming more frequent, the rats also tend to multiply considering more trash is being thrown away at the park. Mayor Michael Bloomberg intends to proceed with an even bigger recycling plan for the park’s future.

New York City is doing what they can to help eliminate the excessive amount of rats as well as the amount of trash going to the landfills. They will continue with their efforts to keep Central Park clean and free from rodents by practicing proper waste disposal methods and replacing the older plastic trash cans with the new sleek aluminum ones.


Via: The Wall Street Journal