New Mexico has a huge illegal dumping problem. Waste materials can be seen everywhere throughout the great state. In alleys, fields, vacant lots, and other less visited places, you may notice that you walk into a pile of waste materials. The state of New Mexico had made an effort to halt the illegal act and found a way to enforce illegal dumping laws.

Local, state and federal agencies had partnered with New Mexico to plan New Mexico’s Protect Our New Mexico – Stop Illegal Dumping Week. The week had begun April 18th and ended on April 25th. The week long campaign is meant to encourage New Mexico residents to protect their landscapes and prevent illegal dumping. They would like residents to report illegal dumping sites which are mostly found on private land.

Enforcers of illegal dumping laws explain that it is difficult to find the persons committing the illegal act. There must be something to lead them to the culprit such as evidence found amongst the waste that had been dumped. Even if evidence is found, it has to be held up in court, which typically doesn’t happen.

Eddie County happens to be one of the areas in New Mexico where illegal dumping has worsened. Even hazardous waste from commercial buildings has been found illegally dumped near a city dumpster. Construction waste has also been found in Dark Canyon Draw as well as in alley ways.

Illegal dumping doesn’t just occur in New Mexico. It is a problem that persists all over the world. Education is needed to help prevent the matter and many states have been trying to do what they can to educate their residents on the effects of illegal dumping. It not only creates an eyesore, but it effects the environment. Proper waste disposal methods are also being taught.

Via: Current Argus