New York City, New York: Haley Rogers and Lisa Brunie-McDermott have become some of the most influential sanitation workers in all of New York City. A City well-known for their garbage problems, these ladies have started transforming how area residents are throwing away their trash. Their $10 million dollar pilot program encourages and educates New Yorkers to compost their organic waste.

Over $300 million dollars could be saved, just in New York City every year if its residents invest in the composting program and that is only one of the many benefits. The Big Apple has one the highest rat populations in the world. By taking food out of the garbage, rodents and other animals will be forced to search some place else.

“When we talk to people,” Ms. Rogers said, “lots of time we lead with the rats, because they’re such a visceral issue. It’s like we’re giving them a buffet every night.”

Currently, the collection program is operating in every borough throughout NYC catering to the composting needs of over 250,000 people. They have inserted themselves into over 350 schools and plan to move into area businesses. But is New York City too big to get everybody composting?

Although composting programs very successful is cities like Seattle, critics still think New York City is the true test. However New York is much smaller in size, just denser in population and should be manageable. The City’s density is showcased by the countless high rise apartments have be the biggest obstacle for the program.

For those who live in apartments, it is the general consensus that they do not want organic materials literally rotting in their small residences. So they have implemented pick ups twice per week and have apartment wide compost containers in the basement of the buildings. The program also must overcome the various language barriers, which does seem to much of a problem since they can speak 5 languages.

Rogers and Brunie-McDermott are blazing the composting trail and setting a great example for others. They can be found going door-to-door, conducting composting classes and even answering the hot-line. These dedicated ladies even regularly go to transfer stations to ensure everything is being sorted properly.

The New York waste removal system has been notoriously flawed but has finally taken a turn into the right direction. Just in the past decade, New York City has reduced its total waste by 14%. This is very impressive considering the massive growth in population over the past 10 years.

The program led by maybe the most determined composters in the world will continue to convert 1 New Yorker at a time. When residents realize the environmental importance of composting, it seems to be much easier to get people to start doing it. Also if NYC thinks composting is cool, everyone else is sure to get involved.

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