With space and resources at a premium for most, New Yorkers have long had to develop creative ways to reuse things.  In the past, this has led to such innovations as the dumpster swimming pool and the Dekalb Market where stores are constructed out of old freight shipping containers. Artist Marc Premo has rolled out another way to reuse these large trash receptacles: converting the inside of one into a walk-in traveling exhibition space.
Premo was recently had no choice but to downsize from a large apartment into a small studio. The artist has a ton of personal belongings, though, and he had no desire to part with any of them. After some clever thinking, he came up with a way to avoid just such a fate. All of his excess things are now on display in said dumpster.  The walls are lined with various objects such as works of art, license plates bike frames, cellular phones, old appliances and various junk. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, right? Even if said trash/treasure is located in a dumpster.
The young artist has gone to painstaking lengths to arrange the “objet d’arts” in a sort of puzzle. They’re set up as if the dumpster is some sort of museum that is extremely pressed for space. It seems odd, to be sure. But Premo has turned what normally would be in a landfill into an art display. He plans to document and share 500 of the objects that are on display in photographs and posting them on the Dumpster Project web site.
If you need a 30 cubic foot dumpster like the one Premo used to display all of your garbage for the neighbors to see or if you want to, oh, I don’t know, use it to actually throw away your trash, call us today and we’ll set you up with one.