Mayor Bloomberg has made many changes this year in how food waste is to be disposed of, launching food waste programs, collections and hoping to make composting mandatory by 2015- 2016. Organic matter takes up about 35% of NYC’s landfill space. Mayor Bloomberg is taking action.

Some New Yorkers disagree with the new proposal of composting food waste and organic materials. They are afraid that it will bring about more rodents making them more susceptible to disease. However, others are all for the new proposition and Mayor Bloomberg isn’t stopping with just the residents of NYC, but he is asking for restaurants to also participate in the Food Waste Challenge.

Sustainable Restaurant Corps has designed a Restaurant Sustainability Survey to help restaurants in the Food Waste Challenge. The survey will help them to conserve energy, reduce water and food waste, and make more sustainable food choices. The survey is voluntary, but SRC is hoping that the restaurant owners won’t hesitate to accept the challenge.

SRC claims that participating in the challenge will help them to gather important data on how a restaurant operates and then offer suggestions on how they can improve. It has also been noted that restaurants could save 20-30% on their utility bills by participating in the challenge, while SRC will also coach restaurants on how to become more sustainable. They even plan to introduce environmentally friendly products and services to restaurants in NYC.

While many have been skeptical on the food waste programs that have been introduced, Mayor Bloomberg stands firm on his decision. With hopes of making composting mandatory by 2015-2016, he is off to a good start. The SRC plans to help every step of the way and has even updated their website to guide restaurant owners down the path to becoming more sustainable, even showing them their sustainability rating and giving them tips on how they can improve it.

Via: The Daily Meal