The Greater New York area has been composting about 40% of their commercial waste, when in all actuality, 90% of the commercial waste collected could be composted.

There is about 3.2 million tons of commercial waste created a year in NYC, yet 2 million tons of that waste is being taken to landfills rather than being properly disposed of and composted. The Alliance for a Greater New York believes the inefficiency stems from a poorly conducted commercial waste industry. Even the garbage collectors in the Greater New York area are crossing paths and not doing their job as meticulously as they should be.

A report done by The Alliance for a Greater New York states that they would like to adopt even stricter environmental standards. However, not everyone agrees that adopting the higher standards of other major cities such as Seattle, as The Alliance for a Greater New York had suggested, is a great idea for New York.

Restaurant owners claim to be interested in the idea of composting yet aren’t as educated on the matter as they feel they should be. Many restaurant owners feel that the recycling regulations are also not strict enough and that most of the materials end up in the garbage to be taken to landfills.

New York strives to become greener and environmentally friendly, yet have to think of more innovative ways to get people to participate. They also have to work on their waste management and standards for composting commercial and even organic matter. This will inevitably take some time seeing as the population of New York is dense and there is a lot to be done.

As for the commercial waste not meeting proper waste disposal standards, the state will continue to work towards a more effective method to address the issue.

Via: NY Daily News