Orlando, Florida has been subject to the illegal dumping of trash within the city limits. Whether the trash is being found on the side of highways or behind buildings the problem has become increasingly more prevalent. Unfortunately, unless these criminals are caught in the act, it is extremely hard to trace it to anyone.

Sometimes however, the motivated efforts of the Orlando Police do yield a successful conclusion after finding various dumped trash throughout the city. Often there is something in the unwanted trash, such as mail that can link the Police Officials to these dumpers. Although this does result in over $500 per fine, sifting through trash does not seem to be on the top of the priority list for the Orlando Police Department.

The Orlando Police think its unfortunate that dumping does not have DNA to easily catch these criminals but have moved efforts to catch dumpers that produce DNA. Combined with Orlando area apartment buildings and a Company call PooPrints, it has become mandatory to register the DNA of pets in efforts to find owners who decided not to clean up after their pets.

The Vue Apartments and many others in the area fine their tenants $100 per offense and will be evicted if the problem continues. The residents must register their pets with local law enforcement and pay a fee. With over half of The Vue’s residents with at least one pet, this should produce great financial results or motivate people to begin cleaning up.

This may seem like a radical solution but this has become quite common throughout the nation. Since the company PooPrints started in 2010, 33 states and over 300 apartment complexes have made the shift to this method. Orlando is just the most recent city to adopt this progressive movement.

Orlando’s Police Department is confident that this will be a successful not only at apartments but also with the overall dumping in the city. A high percentage of the illegal dumping does contain pet excrement, which could help find more dumping criminals in the community. Thanks to the advancement of technology the City of Orlando has taken an inspired approach to illegal dumping.