Unless you reside in and never leave the urban area of Orlando, you have likely had a run-in with a bear or have at least seen the remnants of a bear attack…on trash cans and dumpsters. Bears, whether they live in the natural wilderness, or man-infested wilderness are scavengers. Trash cans and open-top dumpsters are favorite sources of nourishment for the bear community, as they often consume much of the waste we humans send to the landfill.

Some crafty residents, such as one local Orlando man, have devised ways to keep bears away from their property by creating locking systems for their household trash dumpsters. Dumpsters with loose lids that you find at apartments, businesses and restaurants are lockable as well, but typically more difficult to lock due to continuous use and therefore become ravaged by bears. Those unable to be locked or protected are the open-top roll off dumpsters, which coincidentally hold the most trash. These dumpsters are often found on construction sites, and do not interest bears, but they can also be used for events and general debris disposal in which cases local bears find themselves in trash heaven.

Some would see bears diving into dumpsters as a negative, understandably, as it is not only a terrifying invitation of bears to your property, but typically ends in a mess of trash that makes its way out of the dumpster. However, there is a positive twist when it comes to those using roll off dumpsters, as they are rented and need to be serviced once full – so bears actually make space by consuming a portion of the debris. For those of us renting a dumpster in Orlando, especially in the suburban and rural areas, be weary of bears from a safety standpoint but also thankful for reducing the number of dumpsters you need to rent.