Copenhagen, Denmark- The City of Copenhagen plans to construct a superior waste-to-energy facility in 2017. The plant will process over 400,000 tons of waste per year, supplying heat to over 160,000 household and electricity to over 62,000 households. This plant is similar to the over hundreds of waste-to-energy facilities in Europe but has a unique feature that sets it apart.


The new and huge facility will provide a ski resort to area residents, who have currently live with flat land.

“We propose a new breed of waste-to-energy plant, one that is economically, environmentally, and socially profitable,” said the Bjarke Ingels Group in a press release.

The ski slope portion of the facility is planned to be open year round. It will also have a variety of slopes with varying levels of skill. A top of the plant will be place to attract hikers and other outdoors activities. A viewing plateau and a café will provide opportunities to attract everyone to this innovative facility.

Although this project is in the beginning stages, it does provide a great deal of inspiration for other waste-to-energy facilities to follow this trend. This also helps curb the perception of waste removal in general. Copenhagen has various needs and this combination is the definition of efficiency.