Are you a person who enjoys going on adventures into the wilderness? While you’re soaking in the natural sights and sounds of nature, your cell phone battery is losing its charge. When traveling out of the range of outlets and extension cords, having a way to charge your mobile devices from the sun can make all the difference. A new portable solar charger, called SunJack, is described as the “world’s most portable and powerful solar charger” and it could just be the effective and affordable solution to off-grid personal power.

Portable solar charger

Most portable solar panels do not come with an external battery to hold the energy harnessed by the sun. Panels that do offer wall-charging speeds are too big and bulky to carry around. With these two issues in mind, you can’t go wrong with using a SunJack. This solar charger can charge two 8000mAh lithium polymer batteries in just five hours with their 20 watt SunJack model. That is super fast. That is enough power to fully charge your iPhone eight times with just five hours in the sun. If you do not have the sun, the 8000mAh lithium portable battery that comes with the solar panel can be plugged into the wall. That’s not even the best part of the SunJack. The panel folds up to the size of a notebook or tablet for easy transportation while camping, backpacking and enjoying other outdoor activities.

Portable solar chargers are also perfect for emergency preparedness kits and bugout bags, but are right at home in the city as well, and can serve as everyday chargers for mobile devices. The SunJack, has an added social good component to it, as the founder, Harold Tan, is coupling the development and sales of the device to help bring healthy, non-toxic lighting to Papua New Guinea villages, where smoky and hazardous lighting sources are the norm.

sunjack weatherproof sleeve

The SunJack portable battery can power two USB devices simultaneously and run independent from the solar panels. You can charge two other USB devices directly on the solar panel in addition to the portable battery. Providing you the capacity to charge four devices at once with the 14 watt model and six devices with the 20 watt model. The SunJack Kit comes with a portable battery with a built in LED flashlight and also a 2.5w USB bulb that can provide light for up to 16 hours off of one charge. If you are out in the wilderness this would be perfect to hook up in a tent or around a picnic table at night.

SunJack 2

According to Tan, this portable solar charger outperforms other similar chargers due to its proprietary USB port. “We have found a way to optimize filling up the battery from sunlight- think of it as being able to get more water out of your faucet faster. The SunJack is able to get more electrons flowing into the battery faster than any other solar charger available, which means you get wall-outlet charging speeds in an incredibly portable form factor.”

The SunJack is very durable and can withstand large drops even on its corners. If the weather makes a turn for the worse, you can protect your Sunjack from the rain with a plastic sleeve that is included with the device. SunJack is a very useful product for anyone that loves the outdoors, but it also has a potential humanitarian use by providing a portable source of electricity for undeveloped communities. This truly is the world’s most portable and powerful solar charger.