The City of Portage, Indiana has been dealing with a great deal of aggravations that all revolve around the clippings that come from cutting the grass. Recent legislation has outlawed putting grass clipping in the curb side trash pick up but a majority of the area residents have decided to ignore this new law.

City Officials have begun billing the citizens of Portage for their law breaking. More than 200 resident have received or will receive a bill for the clippings on the curb for the actions completed just this year. When the new law was put in place, the city began offering a variety of options to dispose their clippings including biodegradable paper bags and a dumpster at the local street department.

The City of Portage has been receiving a lot of heat for this legislation, especially as residents have started getting billed but they have good reason to make the change. There have been multiple cases of injury by the Sanitation Department personnel that were a direct result of lifting the heavy bags of grass clippings. On average the bags weigh close to 70 pounds each. Also the City can cut costs in upwards of $180,000 in just landfill costs. This does not even include labor and the other costs associated with trash disposal.

As spring headed into full effect, Portage realizes that this is the time the new legislation will be fully tested. The City has seen many residents adapting to the new policy as the local dumpster has been filling up at least 3 times a week. Since residents will be charged $25 per curbside pick up their grass clippings, government officials have been providing alternative measure to implement the policy.

The City has been offering “grasscycling” and backyard composting classes for all the residents in the area. These classes are free of charge and promote changing the habits of homeowners to more environmentally conscious efforts. The City of Portage may have received some apprehension in the beginning but as the benefits of proper waste removal reach the surface, the new policy should take on the approval it deserves.