Elephants Delicatessen in Portland, Oregon is here to help customers be more proactive with their recycling, providing composting and recycling stations at all six of its locations in the city. Each of these stations that have been placed will allow customers to choose from different refuse types to throw into the waste containers. These include: glass, compost, “co-mingled recycling,” and general trash. Each bin has its own informative graphic that will direct customers more specifically to what should go into that receptacle. The public can now easily self-sort their refuse and know that they are taking a more direct approach with the debris.

Elephants Delicatessen isn’t new to the recycling game, though. Their CEO Anne Weaver commented on their efforts: “…we use biodegradable and compostable packaging and service ware. Our utensils, bags, plates, coffee cups, and more can all be composted.” They also compost all of the waste that comes from their kitchens as well.

The business was started on April 19, 1979 when a failing deli was used at their first location. They grew with Portland in the 80’s and have been expanding greatly since we moved into the new millennium. As stated, they have multiple locations along with a catering and lunch delivery and bakery service. There is even an “Elephants on Wheels” cart in downtown Portland.

As always, it’s great to see companies and chains getting involved in the recycling effort to avoid all their refuse being tossed in the dumpster. Elephants Delicatessen in Portland goes one step further and helps to get their customers involved. With four different choices for refuse, and pictures to aid those doing the tossing, it couldn’t be easier. So if you’re in the area, and have some recyclables, stop by. You can come for the Green mentality and stay for the great food.

Story Via Environmental Leader
Pic Via David E. Wieprecht