A week ago today, the popular vote of the country was practically a split decision for President: 51.4% for Obama, 48.6% for Romney. It is generally estimated that the country is split into 48% for each political party, while the remaining 4% is undecided and swings the vote. Those that are not in the swing group, typically adhere strictly and adamantly to their party given allegiance to a party’s social views and governing actions. This loyalty is typically passive in the form of a supportive vote, but politics can bring out the crazy in people, as a small percentage of Americans will speak or take action publicly in support or opposition of their political preferences.

Infamously, 4 years ago when Obama was first elected, a viral video made the rounds in which an Obama supporter was elated and explained her excitement in terms of not having to worry about her mortgage and bills. This was extreme and irrational outlook in favor of the presidential election. Similarly, in the past week since Obama was reelected, we have seen significant public disapproval – which has not always been rational, but has occurred nonetheless. Just this morning, an angry man a few hours south of Phoenix in Hereford, AZ raised the American flag on his property upside down in protest, as he believes the country is in a state of emergency.

I am not here to argue whether he is right or wrong, but I believe that his motives may be slightly biased given his proximity to the US & Mexico border, and the fact that the Obama administration is going to take less significant action against illegal immigrants that are sure to be a hot button topic near the border. Whether this is the reason or not, the show of frustration is seen as disrespectful by many Americans, including his neighbors.

The most shocking reaction has been from Texas, Louisiana and Florida, in which petitions have been signed for secession from the United States. Residents of these states wish to separate and create their own government, because they feel that the country is heading in the wrong direction. Speculation tells us that this significant reaction and potential movement is rash, based on ultra-conservative reputations or states that have strong viewpoints on immigration. Regardless of perception or speculation, however, the movements are real and could cause a potential dumpster fire if The United States of America is no longer United.