Two enterprising individuals of Providence, Rhode Island have started working on a new compost plant to be built right in the city’s metro area. Leo Pollock and Nat Harris refer to their new composting company simply as “The Compost Plant”. Together, they plan to collect large portions of food waste from Providence’s restaurants and other commercial producers of food scraps and turn it into compost for local customers.

The two currently plan on launching a pilot program in March that will see them collecting food waste from businesses in the downtown area and delivering it to a local composting company called Earth Care Farm. Later this year, the two will open their own composting facility that will allow them to sell their own brand of compost.

Currently, the facility’s location is still unannounced, but the pair have made it clear that it will be located close to Providence’s downtown area. The decision to locate the compost facility within the city was made in order to capitalize on the number of restaurants and grocers in the area. A majority of the city’s food waste originates from downtown businesses, making it a logical place to kick-start a compost company. Other composting facilities in the region are located within rural communities that have a lot of open space, but require collectors and residents to drive far outside the city to offload their organic waste.

Eventually, the company plans to expand to residential collection after they have established services for local businesses. This strategy is designed to allow the company to grow in order to acquire more trucks and facilities to take on the food scraps of the entire city. In a few years’ time, Providence might just become an example for other cities to follow.