Are you considering residing your home? If so, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Jumping straight into the job without the proper knowledge could cost you much more than supply and labor. It’s especially important to make sure you have the right dumpsters for the job.

Many homes with older construction were sided with asbestos or aluminum. If your home was sided with aluminum, rather than throwing it away you’ll want to take it to the scrap yard for cash. However, if your home was sided with asbestos, you’ll need a separate dumpster to throw it in and will need to have it properly disposed of by either the township or a professional company.

When ordering your dumpster, make sure you have the job planned out and know whether you’ll need a separate dumpster for materials or not. Entering a job without this knowledge could cost you time and money. If you come across siding materials which are hazardous, you could be left waiting around for another dumpster to be delivered to dispose of them properly. Throwing asbestos siding in with other materials is not only harmful to you and the environment, but you also run the risk of being fined severely.

If you’re planning to reside your home, make sure you know what materials you will be dealing with. Having the right amount of dumpsters for the job can help to save you time and money.