After waste management crews in Sacramento cleaned up more than 7,500 piles of illegally dumped waste in fiscal year 2012-13, city officials decided it was time to get tough.  Stricter enforcement measures have been proposed to combat the illegal dumps, which the city says are not only an environmental issue, but a ‘serious quality-of-life issue.’

Illegal disposal of trash has become such a problem in the northern end of town that a mound of trash was even found near the home of a city councilman earlier this fall.  Unfortunately the neighborhood has become a prime location for illegal dumping in the state’s capitol city.  The trash heaps blight the neighborhood and other sections of town, creating eyesores that no one wants near their home.  And it’s a health and safety concern as well.


Among other things, Sacramento city officials may explore placing surveillance cameras in areas such as these.  Additionally, the solid waste management department may provide two free pickups of larger items such as appliances and furniture.  The hope is that residents will not leave items off at an illegal dump site, and take advantage of free city services instead of those offered by less reputable entities.

Council members say having city crews clean up the illegal dumps is essentially rewarding bad behavior, and believe the new proposals, along with a public awareness campaign, will result in a significant decrease in this type of activity. / The Sacramento Bee