The world-renowned brand Levi’s may start taking it as a compliment if you were to call their jeans trashy. This San Francisco based company has always been on the cutting edge of sustainability but has elevated its efforts with its new Waste-Less jeans.  20% of the denim from these jeans is made from recycled plastic bottles and food trays, which means that around 8 recycled bottles are in each pair.

Waste-Less jeans collection will allow 3.5 million bottles and other plastic waste to be recycled in just the spring of 2013. Levis Strauss is not shy about turning trash into trendy fashion and puts a tag on each pair that reads, “These jeans are made of garage.” The end goal of this product line is not only reduce waste but to allow consumers to realize that trash can be turned into something relevant. This sustainable denim will start around $68 a pair.

These jeans are made of various plastic products that are collected all over the country and shipped to a Levi’s manufacturing center in San Francisco, where it can be broken down. From there, it is woven with cotton into denim. There is not much difference between Waste-Less and normal jeans besides the inside, which is a little darker. Although if you look close enough you can actually see recycled materials in the garments.

It is the efforts such as this that have made significant advancements in recycling plastic waste especially over the last few years. The recycling of plastic bottles in the United States is up 32 percent since 2011. Plastic waste can be reused into many products such as carpets, lumber and other containers. This process is known as “closing the loop” and is a major contributing factor in the success of sustainability.

Levi Strauss & Co. has been making many environmental improvements throughout all aspects of their manufacturing. Recently, they have started the Water-Less technique, which has reduced water by 96%. Levi’s will make every effort to reduce their impact on the environment and believes that they are the leader in eco-fashion.

Not only are these jeans affordable but also directly help our sustainability. With no noticeable differences, it is only a matter of time before other clothing manufactures create lines similar to Waste-Less. Levi’s assures potential consumers that even though the jeans are made from plastic they are perfectly safe to be put in the dryer. There are endless possibilities to what can be recycled and its vital that global leaders like Levi’s perform proper environmental practices.