San Francisco CA has big plans to try and completely oust waste throughout the city. They are trying to come up with a fool proof strategy to make it so that there is zero waste, no landfills.

The city is working with Recology, a waste management business that is located right within the city. The plan is expected to take place within the next seven years. They want to begin recycling, composting and reducing waste employing various methods.

San Francisco has been known to harbor their fair share of waste. The residents live in a less than cleanly environment and they want to change that. They have already begun a program that requires residents to recycle their waste. Should a resident not recycle waste, they will be subjected to fines. Recology is the company that provides the services for this program.

Recology has details to the program on their website. They want to encourage everyone to learn the methods of reducing and recycling through composting along with other methods. They also go on to talk about hazardous waste and its effects as well as how to properly dispose of it.

The zero waste program is being taken very seriously. San Francisco is already implementing many of the methods and techniques necessary. They just need to get it to where everyone is on the same page and doing their part to help. They also need to come up with several other methods to get the waste to disappear completely, which Recology is helping them to do.

Proper waste disposal is extremely important in keeping our environment clean. We need to focus our efforts on waste management techniques and proper waste disposal so that we can all do our part in keeping our earth environmentally friendly and green.

Via: USA Today and Recology