Since 2010, residents of San Mateo County CA and the surrounding area, known as the Peninsula, have been discarding their hazardous waste materials through a door to door waste collection program. To date, over one million pounds of hazardous waste materials have been collected.

The safe disposal of hazardous waste materials in the Peninsula area have been handled by RethinkWaste, a program that goes door to door to collect hazardous materials such as paint, insecticides, cleaning products, electronics, and more. The program has proved to be quite successful.

RethinkWaste is trying to improve their collections of hazardous waste. They are astounded by the amount of hazardous waste residents collect in their homes and would like to further their efforts if the collection of these materials by attaining more laws to fund their efforts. They encourage residents to participate in the program so that they can assure that the potentially dangerous materials are disposed of properly and with care.

Other states have door to door hazardous waste collection programs as well, including Colorado and Pennsylvania. The door to door collection method makes residents more likely to actually dispose of the hazardous materials. It makes it easier on them, which encourages more waste collection.

Hazardous waste materials can bring about great danger to our environment. It can make living things fall ill and cause a lot of permanent damage to the environment. In some circumstances and depending on the material, it can even cause death. This is why proper disposal of such hazardous materials is crucial. If you are unsure if the county in which you reside has any hazardous waste collection programs available, do a little Internet research. You will be surprised by all of the services and collection programs made available.